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Why is Soccer the World's Most Popular Sport?

Sun Jan 6, 2019 -
by Brian Henninger|  According to a FIFA survey a number of years ago, over 250 million people play soccer. Billions more watch it regularly. The reasons why soccer is the most popular sport in the world make a lot of sense.

How to make conditioning count

Thu Nov 10, 2016 -
by Coach V. @ 8/16/2016 |  This is a question that all coaches, at all levels, should ask themselves and reflect on their soccer training sessions. For many years soccer coaches have used laps to "warm up" soccer players or increase their endurance. We should all reexamine this thinking. Last month a friend of mine, Coach Mike, called me and he sounded a little upset. He knew my philosophy on soccer players running laps and we had a long discussion about it earlier in the year. Coach Mike is s

Encourage the use of both feet

Thu Nov 10, 2016 -
by Paul Spacey @ 2017 |  From a coaches’ perspective, to have a squad of players comfortable with both feet is fantastic. Unfortunately, it hardly ever happens outside of the professional level (even then, many players are not entirely comfortable with their ‘weaker’ foot). One of the biggest reasons players do not use their weaker foot is that they lack confidence using it. Therefore, as a coach, you should be encouraging your players to use both feet every single time they practice. You s

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